New Construction Home Inspections

One of the biggest mistakes new construction home buyers make is assuming any defects or issues will be caught by the Builder or the City Building Inspector.

While new homes are just that, brand new, it doesn’t mean they are perfect. They are still built by humans that can be prone to errors like the rest of us. We highly recommend hiring your own third party home inspector if you’re in the market for a new construction home.

A third party inspector can come in with fresh perspective and remain truly un-biased in the often stressful building process giving insights and opinions as well as catching potentially costly mistakes that may have been made by the Builder of his subs-contractors.

New Construction Home Inspections - Yakima

5 Reasons to Get a New Construction Inspection

Rushed Work

As many real estate markets across the country are thriving, builders are under more pressure to build and sell new build homes – this naturally leads to rushed work, less oversight and more mistakes.

Less Skilled Tradesmen

Since the the real estate crash and recession, there have been less and less workers in the skilled trades like drywall, electrical and plumbing. This leads to builders hiring less experienced sub-contractors for their new home builds.

City Inspector’s Experience

The city or municipal inspector may not have the experience in construction or fixing up homes that a private inspector will have. This is not a knock on them, but they may have a different skill set and experience.

Builder Standards

All builders have different standards. Some perform higher quality work with higher quality contractors. Others do not. This can lead to an array of issues that become largest issues that affect your home.

You Get What You Pay For

By identifying and documenting issues while your home is being built, the builder has the opportunity to correct any mistakes. You can feel confident that the work they are doing is the work you paid for when you put down your deposit.

While it is true that new construction homes have less defects than existing homes, that doesn’t mean they don’t have issues that require inspection and repairs. The cost of an inspection is very minor compared to the cost of plumbing or electrical issues that go unnoticed for years.