What Does a Home Inspector Look For on a Home Inspection?

The home buying process is very complex and emotional. Many buyers are so focused on finding the right home, making a competitive offer, finding the right mortgage, and preparing for a move that they don’t really understand what a home inspector looks for.

Common issues in Yakima home inspections

Common Defects Found in Yakima Home Inspections

Yakima real estate features many different styles, materials, quality and age of homes so each home inspection shows us something new. We’ve seen hundreds of Yakima Valley homes and we can say some defects are more common than others. If you’re preparing to sell your Yakima home, you should be checking for these items so […]

Home Inspection Cost - Yakima, Washington Home Inspections

How Much Does a Home Inspection Cost?

You’ve heard it before. Buying a home is likely the largest financial investment you’ll ever make.

A home inspection is the way to help you learn more about the investment you’re making.

So what is the average cost of a home inspection in the Yakima area?

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